Welcome to Eval Cafe! Join co-hosts Carolyn Camman and Brian Hoessler for informal chats on evaluation-related topics – the kind you might overhear at your favourite coffeeshop, if it was frequented by evaluators. Expert or novice, long-time practitioner or just starting in the field, or even if you don’t identify with the term “evaluator” – so long as you have an interest in evaluation, this podcast is for you.

Our Hosts

Carolyn Camman

Carolyn is an independent evaluation and research consultant. They currently work out of Vancouver, BC, but hail from far-off Southern Ontario, with a brief sojourn for grad school in Saskatoon. Carolyn is a nonbinary person who uses they/them pronouns and likes to think this is part of how they encourage people to reflect on and disrupt their assumptions. They enjoy working with any organization that seeks a transformative understanding of what they do and wants to build capacity for insight-driven change.

Website: https://www.camman-evaluation.com/

Twitter: @c_camman

Brian Hoessler

Brian is the Founder, Principal, Connector-in-Chief, and assorted other titles at Strong Roots Consulting. Based in Saskatoon, he helps non-profits and other groups that work for good, do better – specifically through community-based research, program planning and development, and, of course, evaluation. For fun, Brian plays in a local community band, so don’t be surprised if the odd music metaphor makes it into an episode!

Website: https://www.strongrootsconsulting.ca

Twitter: @StrongRoots_SK