Episode 29: Reconceptualizing Leadership (as Evaluators)

Kelly Hannum joins Carolyn and Brian this episode to talk about leadership and its connection to evaluation. After defining what “leadership” actually means (spoiler: it involves direction, alignment, and commitment), we discuss evaluation’s power to question the premise, the transformational power of leadership development, the importance of relational or “soft” skills in both evaluation and leadership, and the connection between evaluation and strategic planning. Also, we learn more about Carolyn’s back story and declare an official position of the podcast on a key evaluation issue.

Apologies for a few audio glitches in this one!

Link to Pinecast page


1 Comment

  1. Direction, Alignment and Commitment seem to be a potentially useful way to frame evaluation not only of leadership but also of strategy. Thank you all for a thought-provoking discussion.


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