Episode 25: Makin’ It in Evaluation

Grab your favourite art supplies and summon up your creative muse! In this episode, we’re joined by Andy Johnson, the other co-founder of Creative Evaluation & Engagement (along with his wife, Nora Murphy Johnson, who joined us a few episodes back to talk about evaluating from the heart) to talk about arts-based evaluation and bringing creativity into our evaluation practice. We learn about how Andy has brought poetry, theatre, kinetic sculpture and more into his evaluation methodology, how being a novelist helps him and his clients understand and work in complexity, the difference between prototyping and rehearsal, why evaluators need to channel our inner MacGyvers, and how an attention to arts, creativity, and the whole person can help us move evaluation toward equity and justice.

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Show Notes

Andy’s Affiliations

Things We Mentioned


Not Mentioned In The Episode But Relevant

  • Spaces are still available in the Creative Evaluation pre-conference workshop run by Andy and Nora at the AEA 2019 conference in November!

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