Episode 12: EvalCafe Goes Back To School!

Carolyn and Brian are back in the Eval Cafe and ready for a brand new school-year that’s just “chalk” full of learning! Pull up a desk, get out your binders and cahiers, and be prepared to take notes because this will be on the final exam. What’s Brian’s ultimate whiteboard hack? How does Carolyn justify putting a bed in their office? What educational experiences are Carolyn and Brian most looking forward to and how did they spend their summer vacation? Warning: this episode comes with a reading list.

This is the episode that may as well have been sponsored by Ikea, Staples, and 3M (makers of the best post-its, as long as you don’t accidentally buy the ‘pop-up’ kind). Please send us free office supplies! Also, the word of this episode is “excited”–count how many times Carolyn says it, win a prize!

NOTE: We’ve migrated to a new hosting platform. Please update your subscriptions!

Link to Pinecast page

(Apologies for a small amount of audio distortion on the track at around 12:26.)

Reading List


BONUS: The IKEA Erska futon!

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