Episode 11: A Co-Created Conversation

Carolyn and Brian pack their bags (and more importantly their podcasting gear) and meet up in Calgary for the Canadian Evaluation Society’s annual conference! This episode, recorded as a Thematic Breakfast Roundtable, features five attendees who joined our intrepid hosts at a wholly-unreasonable time of morning on the final day of the conference. Among other topics, we talk about the conference theme (Co-Creation), the upcoming updates to the CES evaluator competencies (now with 41% fewer words!), the idea of crashing a mayors’ conference, and the relative population density of Australia and Canada. We promise, the conversation makes more sense when you listen to it.

Link to Pinecast Page

Our Guests



  1. Hi Brian and Carolyn.

    Many thanks for the excellent cafe conversation on 29 May. I promised to send you some links on resources and collaborative approaches operating in South Australia, many of which use IAP2.
    Better Together (tools for collaborative engagement) http://bettertogether.sa.gov.au/
    Together SA (independent not-for-profit, member based social enterprise leading the Collective Impact movement for social change in South Australia) https://www.togethersa.org.au/
    The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) https://www.tacsi.org.au/
    Unfortunately links to South Australia’s Strategic Plan and its targets are no longer available due to the recent change in Government.

    Hope life is good. Go well, Anne


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