Episode 9: 2018: An Evaluation Odyssey

In the first episode of 2018, Brian and Carolyn kick off the new year with some retrospective musings and a bit of peering off into the horizon with goals, directions, and personal challenges for the year ahead. We cover a little of everything in what may be a preview of podcast content to come—learning new stats programs, getting an evaluation credential, using arts-based methods (and why Brian should play the trombone at a stakeholder meeting), engaging with reconciliation as evaluators and new approaches to evaluation ethics, community development, evaluation conferences and more! Check it out to hear about Brian’s hot new podcast/blog idea and the context in which Carolyn uses the phrase “brain in a jar”.

Link to Pinecast page

Show Notes (by topic)


Credentialed Evaluator (CE) designation

Arts-based methods


Perspectives on Indigenous research and evaluation

Community development

Tech tools

Evaluation conferences


  1. Thanks for linking to our R for Eval project. Here are a few resources I’ve collected preparing to put together our first workshop. These are overviews of R most relevant to folks in evaluation (lots of resources on R are geared toward data scientists and statisticians):

    Explaining R to Excel users: http://rex-analytics.com/things-live-r-r-excel-users/
    Field Guide to the R Ecosystem: http://fg2re.sellorm.com/
    Data Science for Social Scientists: http://datascience.tntlab.org/


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