Episode 7: “Damn it, Jim, I’m an evaluator!” Lessons from the Trekiverse

Open hailing frequencies and get your warp engines online, it’s our nerdiest episode yet! We’re joined by Kylie Hutchinson, principal consultant for Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation, to talk about the lessons that evaluators can take from the Star Trek universe.

From the Original Series to Voyager (no Discovery spoilers!), we share our favourite nerdy references and apply them to evaluation. Should we be battling the Borg? Embracing our inner Ferengi? Are evaluators more like Data or Spock (or Odo?) Did Michael Quinn Patton invent our profession’s Corbomite manoeuvre? Which is better—Kylie’s Scotty impression or her Wookiee?* And where is evaluation as a profession boldly going next? Tune in and find out!

*Yes, Wookiees are from Star Wars, but who doesn’t want to hear Kylie’s Wookiee impression??

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Show Notes

Not mentioned in the podcast, but related reading:

And just for some geeky fun (these are not evaluation-related resources per se…):

Shout Outs

Check out Kylie’s books on program sustainability and innovative reporting, and keep an eye out for the next one on evaluation failures, coming in 2018! Don’t forget that you can find Kylie on Twitter under @EvaluationMaven.

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